NAUVOO  10/02/19 2:25:02 PM ABOUT US 
To Nauvoo from Ft. Madison
-Cross Mississippi River to Niota
-Turn right on Hwy 96, go 10 miles to Nauvoo
-Continue through town on Mulholland Street
-When Hwy 96 curves left stay straight on Mulholland Street
-At stop sign turn right
-Elevator is on the left

To Nauvoo from Keokuk
-Cross Mississippi River to Hamilton
-Keep left to IL Hwy 96 North, go 12 miles to Nauvoo
-Continue on Hwy 96 following Truck Route
-Turn left on Hotchkiss Street (Truck Route)
-Go two blocks to stop sign and turn right
-Elevator is on left

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